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  • Government Must Drop Badger Culling Policy

    Thursday 10th October, 2013

    The Wildlife Trusts, including Avon Wildlife Trust, are calling for the Government to drop badger culling from its proposed strategy to tackle bovineTB in England.

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  • Go wild this Halloween holiday!

    Wednesday 2nd October, 2013

    Poco Drum

    We are going wild for events this half term holiday, from family owl prowls to drumming in Halloween.

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  • October - Wild About Gardens Week

    Tuesday 1st October, 2013

    This week gardeners and community groups across Britain will unite in an effort to halt the decline of UK species.

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  • Leaving a Natural Legacy

    Tuesday 1st October, 2013

    Gifts in wills can help protect some of our most wonderful wildlife from water voles to waxwings.

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  • Ruddy darters need your help!

    Tuesday 17th September, 2013

    The Ruddy Darters

    An intrepid crew of staff and volunteers - dubbed 'The Ruddy Darters' - will take to the waves in aid of Avon Wildlife Trust on Sunday 22 September.

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  • Challenge Green Corridor

    Monday 16th September, 2013

    Hedgehog-Ian Wade

    Leading UK environmentalist and broadcaster Chris Baines is challenging people, businesses, charities and councils to create 'green corridors' to halt the decline in wildlife.

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  • Put the Brakes on ‘Fracking’

    Friday 13th September, 2013

    The Wildlife Trusts have expressed their concerns, alongside a large cross-section of environmental and conservation groups including Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth, over the Government’s headlong rush into fracking. They’ve stated that ‘a dash for shale gas and oil extraction is incompatible with our responsibility to address climate change and to protect wildlife and the natural environment’.

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  • Cull is tragic distraction to tackling devastating disease

    Tuesday 27th August, 2013

    Badger- Darin Smith

    As the first shots of the badger cull are reported, The Wildlife Trusts re-state deep regret that Government is driving forward with a culling policy.

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  • Trust Plays its Part in Legacy Campaign

    Monday 26th August, 2013

    Anna O'Sullivan and Ella Davies (badger) with Angela Rippon

    Veteran journalist and newsreader, Angela Rippon, is joining The Wildlife Trusts in support of this year’s Remember A Charity Week (Monday 9 – Sunday 15 September 2013).

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  • We Need Your Help

    Monday 6th May, 2013

    Membership is becoming increasingly important to the Trust at a time when many traditional funding sources for nature have been reduced or withdrawn.

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