Public statement: Metrobus protests on Feed Bristol site

Friday 27th February 2015

Avon Wildlife Trust leases the Feed Bristol site from Bristol City Council (BCC), which was also a seed funder and partner in this hugely successful project. The Trust's position on, and objection to, elements of the Metrobus scheme is a matter of public record in previous statements.

Since the formal approvals of the Metrobus scheme were authorised, we have been liaising with BCC and Metrobus to advocate mitigation of the impacts on the Feed Bristol site and surrounding area. Considerable progress has been made in recent weeks with all of the mitigation measures that have been requested by the Trust for several months.

Following the recent possession of part of the Feed Bristol site, we have been in discussions with BCC and legal representatives about our obligations as tenants of the site. The Trust has sought to respect both the protestors' and BCC/MetroBus’ positions despite significant impacts on Feed Bristol's ability to operate in the current circumstances and loss of income.

It has always been the Trust's understanding that we are obligated to provide our landlords with access to the site for any works in connection with adjoining or neighbouring property, and to not suffer any nuisance, damage, annoyance or inconvenience to the landlord of any adjoining or neighbouring property.

The Trust has not wanted to become involved in such matters as evictions, and BCC, as landowner, has asked us to surrender the lease on part of the Feed Bristol land. We have agreed to do so on the basis that the Feed Bristol project can continue to operate, and that boundaries are reviewed once this phase of MetroBus construction is complete.

Now that evictions are planned, we hope that anyone trespassing on the site vacates the land and trees in a peaceful manner. We would also ask all interested parties to continue to work with us on securing the best possible ecological mitigation and a clear strategy for the valuable agricultural land in the wider area.

For the interests of transparency the key clauses in our lease follow below:

"c) To permit the Landlord and the lessees tenants or occupiers of adjoining or neighbouring properties now or hereafter belonging to the Landlord if authorised in writing by the Landlord and after reasonable notice (except in the case of emergency) with all necessary workmen and applicances to enter upon the Property for the purpose of executing repairs alterations painting redecoration or any other works on or in connection with such adjoining or neighbouring property which otherwise cannot be conveniently executed and for the purpose of constructing laying down connecting altering repairing cleansing or maintaining any sewers drains gutters water stream and other pipes or conduits in or under the Property for the accommodation of any such adjoining or neighbouring property and for the purpose of building on or into any party walls forming part of the Property the person or persons exercising such right making good all damage thereby occasioned to the Property.

As to other nuisances etc

(15) Not to do or suffer to be done in or upon the Property any act or thing which shall or may be or become a nuisance damage annoyance or inconvenience to the Landloard or any lessees tenants or occupiers or any adjoining or neighbouring property."