My Wild Park

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The Friends of Horfield Common and Bristol City Council are working together to reinvigorate the Common. This large area of green space, spanning three neighbourhoods, demonstrates how parks can be enhanced for people and wildlife.

Friends of Horfield Common (FoHC) are a community parks group set up to improve the facilities available on Horfield Common & at the Ardagh for the local community.

With around 500 members, and a committed group of volunteers, they have been working hard to improve the common. In partnership with a wide range of local groups and organisations, more than 550 new trees have been planted and improvements made to the small wildlife pond.

My Wild City will help FoHC provide more habitats for wildlife and opportunities for local people to learn more about nature.

Have you added a wildlife-friendly feature in your garden or local park? Tell us about it and we'll add it to the interactive map.