My Wild Neighbourhood

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Local residents, schools, businesses and Bristol City Council are working together to create a nature-rich neighbourhood within the area of St.Werburghs.

Directed by the information gathered from our 'Last Hedgehog in Avon' citizen science campaign and local knowledge of hedgehog distribution in Bristol, we are now taking conservation action in neighbourhoods across the city.

My Wild Neighbourhood will focus on creating green corridors through the back gardens of several areas, including our demonstration site in St.Werburghs. Working with streets across the whole neighbourhood area, improvements will aim to create a network of wildlife habitat allowing free movement of wildife and habitat to thrive in.

Focusing on hedgehogs, the project aims to show demonstrate how corridors of connected habitats can be established within urban neighbourhoods to benefit a whole range of species.


Providing habitat for an apex predator, such as a hedgehog, incidentally provides the habitat required for many others; frogs, newts, pollinators, birds etc. Thus having a wider ecological benefit to biodiversity. 

We are working in partnership with the People's Trust for Endangered Species and British Hedgehog Preservation Society, building on the already successful 'Hedgehog Street' project by focusing on neighbourhood sized areas and targeted mapping of networks between gardens.


Have you added any wildlife-friendly features to your back garden in Bristol? Tell us about it and we'll add it to the My Wild City interactive map.

Image credit: Tom Marshall