My Wild Garden

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Gardening Credit. Barbara EvripidonGardening Credit. Barbara Evripidon

Avon Wildlife Trust's garden is undergoing a wildlife makeover of it's own!

When transforming the city into a nature reserve, the first place is to start at home. The front garden of our offices on Jacobs Well Road is undergoing it’s own wildlife makeover with the already ‘wild’ garden being revamped and made even better for wildlife.

With little opportunity for pollinators except a single large rosemary bush and the odd flowering bluebell, the trust garden hardly reflects the ambitions and visions of those which work behind its wall. After months of planning the first action on the ground was undertaken when trust staff were joined by 20 keen and eager volunteers from the local Scouts and Beavers association. Powered by fresh juice and the odd chocolate biscuit, much of the pruning and clearance worked was completed within just a few hours and much of the soil was clear of the network of roots created by dogwood which has taken over many of the planting beds.



Several new habitat features have already been created in the garden including a green waste compost bin constructed from recycled pallets, a stone wall/rockery for hibernating insect and amphibians, and a pond kindly donated to the trust by one of it members. The first of the pollinators plants have gone in including oxeye daisy Leucanthemum vulgare, birds-foot-trefoil Lotus corniculatus, red clover Trifolium pratense and musk mallow Malva moschata. 



The transformation continues all this month so if your visiting Brandon Hill or want to get some inspiration for your own garden, please do come take a look. More photos will be uploaded through out the process.


Photo credits. main top image: Barbara Evripidon others: Matt Collis