My Wild City Champion: Mike Hutchinson

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As a wildlife and documentary film-maker, Mike has the opportunity to see and film some of the worlds most spectacular wildlife for major TV channels.


My favourite urban wildlife moment was seeing a galaxy of animals colonise the pond I made in a previously concrete-covered St Werburgh’s garden. Loads of damselflies and dragonflies. Build it and they will come!


Despite all this, Mike first love is for the wildlife on his doorstep in Bristol. So on hearing about the My Wild City project he knew he had to get involved and quickly lent his film-making skills to the cause.

Mike has been instrumental in the creation of our ’how to’ videos both as cameraman and editor. He felt it was a good way to ‘give a little back’ having long enjoyed local nature reserves and green spaces managed by the trust. Mike feels the key to sustainable conservation starts with education, inspiration and encouraging local involvement and hopes these videos show how simple it is to create wildlife habitat in gardens.

Wanting to do his own bit, Mike has been working hard to increase the biodiversity in his own modest garden and record the species found there. Recently, he hosted a garden Bioblitz event with the help of some local naturalist friends and identifed 119 species in just a few hours. His work doesn't stop there, having recently acquired an allotment he looks forward to the challenge of managing it with wildlife in mind too.




Mike has been helping create our ''How to' videos'.

Are you passionate about wildlife in your area of Bristol? Maybe you could be our next wildlife champion! Email us.

Image credit: Mark Robinson