My Wild City Champion: Jody Fairish

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As a garden designer and landscaper, specialising in wildlife friendly gardens in Bristol for over 7 years, Jody has been pivotal team member in delivering My Wild City projects.


My favourite urban wildlife moment is when lawns are allowed to become meadows. When frequent mowing stops, lifeless grass becomes a colourful banquet for pollinators. What a sight!


Creating wildlife friendly gardens is something Jody is lucky enough to work on most days, which although privately owned, the benefit to increased habitat creation allows wildlife to thrive at a community level for all to enjoy.



Involved with the My Wild City campaign since its creation, Jody has been a key partner in bringing our vision to life and a knowledgable ambassador for how any green space can become a valueable home for nature - no matter how concrete it first appears! 


Through his gardening company, Earth Timber Stone, Jody constantly goes above and beyond to provide the best support, designs and planting advice when tackling some of our most challenging projects.

Being a plant lover himself, he's found it greatly satisfying to know his contribution not only makes a difference to the My Wild City projects, but inspires other areas within Bristol and beyond to take on their own grey to green challenge.


For more information on Jody and Earth Timber Stone click here.

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Image credit: Paul Hobson