In memoriam and in lieu of flowers

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Snowdrops (credit: Steve Nicholls)Snowdrops (credit: Steve Nicholls)

Throughout time we have remembered those we love with gifts of flowers. But cut flowers never last for long ΜΆ unlike wildflowers and the meadows and woodlands in which they grow.

A donation in memory of a loved one helps us care for wildflower meadows and bluebell woodlands and can inspire children and young people to cherish the natural world, keeping it safe for generations to come.

The name of the person in whose memory the donation is given is also inscribed in a special book, which is held at Folly Farm Centre.

If you wish to place a notice in the press, please include 'Donations to Avon Wildlife Trust'. Your funeral director can also help with arranging a collection.

This gift, however large or small, makes a great difference to local wildlife. Thank you for thinking of us at this sad time.

Please contact us or call 0117 917 7270 for more details.