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My Wild Street - the transformation

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Posted: Wednesday 23rd September 2015 by WildBlog

My Wild Street

We've teamed up with law firm Burges Salmon to create a community project that will bring natural wildlife to the doorsteps of an urban street in Easton, as part of the My Wild Street project. Follow our updates here as we transform the street over two weeks in September 2015!


Day 1
My Wild Street begins! An early start allowed us time to collect the final materials and some extra waterproofs before heading to Stanley Park to meet the team. Burges Salmon and our wildlife garden designer, Jodie Marks, all seemed bright eyed and keen to get on with the first two houses of our busy schedule. Despite the heavy morning rain causing minor delays to our schedule, we managed to complete two large box planters, two wire trellis, planted a tree and built the box planters ready for the two large ponds. We had much interest from people walking past and with several neighbouring streets asking why not them! Well neighbouring streets, you could always do the same!’ 












Day 2
A double pond day is always a good day. With a relatively dry day we forged ahead with our next two gardens and successfully installed two ponds, one on each side of the street. Filled with water, ponds plants inserted and wildlife ladder secured to the edge, it took all but a few hours for the first insect to make there way to the pond to check out the new water features. Hopefully by this time next year we will many more species enjoying our ponds, potentially even some dragonflies!

Several other features went in today including a number of planters and trellis combinations. Climbing plants such as honeysuckle, dog rose and viburnum will all thrive in these conditions spreading up and around the frames we’ve specifically installed. Patience will be the key but in just a few years they’ll find there way and really start to establish themselves.













Day 3
A 7am start for a media frenzy of the street including interviews with Made In Bristol TV, BBC Radio Bristol and BBC Wildlife Magazine. Blessed with a full day of dry weather, we made significant progress with three new gardens completed in the day. Today saw the first of our wall planters go in including stone removal works taking of the coping stones and cement on the top of one of the walls. We were incredibly pleased with the results as was the resident who couldn’t believe what we’d achieved in one day – all thanks to the teamwork of our wonderful team of volunteers of Burges Salmon and the skills of Jodie from Earth Timber Stone.













Day 4

Our first full wall length planter went in today which replaced a couple of layers of brick removed the day before. Three bug hotels also went up which were rapidly colonised by the local wildlife including a spider who was so keen it hung around next to our tools. Local MP Thangam Debbonaire paid us a visit too, interested to see how this project could potentially be replicated across the city. Her words were very kind giving lots of praise for the hard work all the volunteers were putting in and commitment to making our city a greener and wilder place.











Day 5

End of week one finished with a flurry. Two hanging baskets, three wall planters, three trees, two bug hotels and several trellises were all installed in a matter of hours! 14 of 30 houses complete and you can already start to see the difference it is making to the look of the street. Favourite new feature was this long bug hotel box which was over 1.2m long! No rest over the weekend with plenty of tools and equipment to replenish ready for the beginning of week two.

Day 6
A fresh delivery of mature plants brought an instant colour and floral smell to the street first thing on a Monday morning. The volunteers were in good spirits with another beautiful sunny day despite the fact we were working on several gardens on the shady side of the street. The large planters filled with shade tolerant species looked great and a good way to disguise the drainage pipe running along the floor and wall. Two additional houses on the street have now asked for there garden to be done, how could we say no!











Day 7
Caterpillars and moths both found on the street by Burges Salmon volunteers today in amongst the new habitat we’ve provided. We also had one very happy small boy, ecstatic with his new green roof wheelie bin cover and rockery garden. Our message is clearly getting out there too, inspiring several neighbouring streets to take action themselves. One person even asked us for measurements to make a wall planter and get advice on the appropriate pollinator plants to buy. Great to hear our corridor is spreading!

Day 8
Happy birthday to our brilliant wildlife garden designer, Jody Fairish, from Earth Timber Stone. The cake gave a welcome energy boost to all as we pushed hard to complete 5 gardens in one day! Two more wall planters replaced the tops of the front walls including one with some seating in between. Another bug hotel took us to twelve in total for the street and our first bird nest box attached to the wall will hopefully have residents come the spring.










Day 9

The penultimate day and a big push to get as much finished before the press and media arrive at 10am tomorrow. Lots of masonry work was required to get more hanging baskets on the walls and to build the first ‘blue roof’ – a green roof but with a pond! Hopefully it won’t be too long before the first wildlife finds its way to this watery oasis and dragonflies are flying up and down the street.

Day Ten
One big final push saw us cross the finish line and all 30 houses completed in 10 ten days. We couldn’t be more pleased with the result and a big thank you to all those who have supported us through the process. Now it’s over to the homeowners to take on the management of the gardens and our present of a watering can for each household should ensure the plants thrive and flush in their new homes. We’ll be back in spring to check in and take some photos.



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