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Posted: Thursday 9th November 2017 by WildBlog

By Sarah Moore, Director of Communications

This week we have launched our Avon Wildlife Trust #NatureNow appeal. We are asking people to support us to help more adults and children fall in love with the unique and special wildlife we are so lucky to enjoy in our region. We all know that when you love something, you want to look after it. And every year we help more than 25,000 people get to know their everyday nature – the green spaces, wildlife, plants and wildflowers that bring colour, beauty and wellbeing to our lives.

It is so important that we are working together, across our region to stand up for nature and make sure it will thrive into the future. With BBC’s Blue Planet on our screens and millions of us tuning in to watch the wonders of the oceans, the plight of wildlife across the world is suddenly a hot topic. But you don’t need to go far to find stories about wildlife in peril. Right here in Avon our hedgehogs and bumblebees are in trouble, with their numbers dwindling and their habitats shrinking. But there are success stories too. On our Burledge Hill nature reserve we recorded 22 species of bee last year. This is thanks to the careful way we, with the help of our dedicated volunteers, look after the special habitat here to make sure it provides food and shelter for our vital pollinating insects. We know at Avon Wildlife Trust that we can’t protect the future for our fabulous local nature on our own. We need your help. And we need your help so that we can inspire the next generation of wildlife ambassadors to play their part in caring for our natural world.

Sadly, many children are now growing up without a connection to nature. In fact, over 50% (that’s six million children in the UK) don’t regularly play outside. That means few chances to climb trees, splash in streams, roll down grassy banks and enjoy the sights, sounds and senses of nature through the seasons. Our regular My Wild Child sessions help families get outdoors, and help their children get to know the local world around them, and develop curiosity and confidence in it. And we know this grows into a desire to protect it for the future. But we have to keep reaching our children, and keep caring for our unique landscapes. And we have to do it now so our children know that nature has a future.

To find out more about our #NatureNow appeal please visit our crowd fund here

Photo credits: Folly Farm bluebells (c) Steven Williams; owl (c) Steve Waterhouse; little boy (c) Susie Pearce.

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