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Advising farmers on land management(c) Lorna Wilcox

Avon Wildlife Trust has a wealth of experience in managing, maintaining and protecting the natural world.

From advising landowners on best practice for wildlife and habitat management within a Living Landscape, to carrying out wildlife surveys through our Ecological Consultancy, we can provide advice on many different aspects of land management.

Our planning role is about promoting positive outcomes as well as challenging potentially harmful proposals. We're committed to working with planning authorities and to influencing local, regional and national planning and other policy to ensure biodiversity is protected and enhanced. Visit our Planning Policy pages for more information.

We provide advice to farmers, landowners and community groups on developing and maintaining wildflower grasslands. For further details, see Avon's Wildflower Grasslands.

Wild Service

Need environmental advice?

Wild Service offers a full range of land management and ecological consultancy services.  A member of the Association of Wildlife Trust Consultancies (AWTC), a nationwide network of ecological consultancies committed to sustainable activity, Wild Service has an unparalleled working knowledge of the Bristol region, and are well placed to undertake ecological services throughout the South West region and South Wales.

The company is conservation led and has developed a range of services to meet the needs of the construction, development, wildlife conservation and land based business sectors.