Trustees, Patron, President and Vice Presidents

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Vice President Kevin McCloud and President Simon King

The governing body of the Trust is an elected Board of Trustees. There are currently 10 Trustees serving for the Trust.

Avon Wildlife Trust's Board of Trustees meets every three months to deal with regular business, with occasional extra meetings to address strategic or special matters. This body has full responsibility for the strategic development and direction of the Trust, and takes all decisions on matters of Trust policy.

The constitution of the Trust provides for a maximum of 14 Trustees - up to seven elected directly by Trust members at the AGM, and up to seven appointed by the Trustees to ensure an appropriate balance of skills, experience and representation on the Board. Trustees serve a one-year term initially; further terms by election or appointment are for three years. The Board can also co-opt Trustees to fill any vacancy between AGMs.

Current Board of Trustees

Prof. Jane Memmott (Chair)
Katharine Finn 
Martin Brasher
Chris Curling
Malcolm Shepherd
Lorna Fox
Maddy Bartlett
Nigel Morrison
Mike Harris
Zac Nicholson


Simon King OBE

Vice Presidents

Mark Carwardine
Mike Dilger
Kevin McCloud


The work of Avon Wildlife Trust is of great significance to me. Bristol and Bath are among the greenest and most wildlife-friendly cities in the world, and the more people realise just what they have on their doorsteps, the more they will care about what happens to it. Simon King OBE