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Avon Wildlife Trust staffAvon Wildlife Trust staff

Avon Wildlife Trust employs 40 people, headed up by Chief Executive Ian Barrett and a Management Team.

Avon Wildlife Trust’s Management Team

Ian Barrett, Chief Executive
Jane Davis, Director of Finance and Resources
Dr Lucy Rogers, Director of Delivery Programmes
Sarah Moore, Director of Fundraising, Membership and Communications
Andrew Lund-Yates, Folly Farm Centre Director

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Ian Barrett Chief Executive
  Delivery Programmes Team
Dr Lucy Rogers Director of Delivery Programmes 
Janice Gardiner Nature and Wellbeing Programme Manager
Eric Heath Head of Land Management and Advice
Laura Colman Learning Development Manager (maternity cover)
Rachael Fickweiler Conservation Projects Officer
Bernie D'Arcy Conservation Advisor
Joe McSorley Conservation Advisor
Rosie Maple Conservation Assistant*
Katherine Murkin Monitoring Officer* (maternity cover)
Matt Cracknell Feed Bristol Project Manager
Rich Wright Feed Bristol Project Officer* 
Jack Bradbury  Feed Bristol Project Assistant
Shaun Waycott  Feed Bristol Project Assistant
Kelly Bray Wellbeing Through Nature Project Manager
Jason Leck Wellbeing Through Nature Project Officer
Mhairi Cornish  Wellbeing Through Nature Project Assistant* 
Matt Harcourt Natural Estates Project Officer 
Abigail Rose Natural Estates Project Officer (maternity cover)
Matt Collis My Wild City Project Officer
Sara Turrill Learning Development Officer* (maternity cover)
Heather Elgar WENP Manager
  Finance and Resources Team
Jane Davis Director of Finance and Resources
Freiny Miles Finance and Resources Manager*
Sarah Brander Accountant*
Pat Sandy Finance and Resources Officer*
Sam Pullinger Grant Development Officer*
Angela Davies Membership and Administration Officer* 
Jenny Holmes Membership and Administration Officer* 
Claire Davey Membership and Administration Officer
Dom Blake Temporary Support
Roy Catford  Site Assistant - Trust Office* 
Helen Adams HR Consultant (outsourced)
Andrea Lakin Health and Safety Officer (outsourced)
  Fundraising, Membership and Communications Team 
Sarah Moore Director of Fundraising, Membership and Communications*
Julie Doherty Community Engagement and Volunteering Manager
Kimberley Hudson Supporter Development Manager
Naomi Fuller Communications and Marketing Manager
Nicole Daw People and Wildlife Officer*
Sarah Mitchell Communications Officer* (maternity cover)
  Folly Farm Centre Team 
Stella Page

Front of House Manager

Kara Bailey Sales and Marketing Manager
Angela Jones Event Administrator* (maternity cover)
Hannah Read Event Administrator*
Michael Hughes Housekeeper
Sophie Johnson Housekeeper
Boyd Henderson WIld Service Business Manager





























































* part time

General enquiries

Contact us by phone, 0117 917 7270, or email,, or use our Contact Us form. 

Contact Folly Farm Centre

Contact Folly Farm Centre, including booking enquiries, by phone, 01275 331590, or email,, or visit Folly Farm’s website