Summer Appeal 2016

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(c) Paul Hobson(c) Paul Hobson

Help protect our wildflower meadows and wildlife across Avon!


Have you ever walked through a wildflower meadow on a blue sky summer’s day? Everywhere you look the meadow is alive – butterflies, bees, and hoverflies, all buzzing through the grasses, drinking nectar
and pollen from the bright wildflowers.


Summer Appeal


These meadows are like the UK’s rainforest – over 40 different species of 

plants can grow in just a single square metre of grassland meadow. Native animals like rare bats and barn owls rely on this habitat too.

Yet this type of habitat is under serious threat. In the UK we have lost
a staggering 97% of our wildflower meadows since the 1930’s.

Changes in farming practise, including increased use of fertilizers, and a lack of dedicated management of grassland meadows has resulted in this catastrophic loss. And as a result our wildlife is struggling to survive.

Plants considered common, like harebells and scabious, are now close to being listed as threatened. Our bees are in serious decline. Bat populations are under grave threat along with many of our beloved birds. In the long term, this affects our own survival – every third mouthful of our food depends on pollinators.


We need your help to secure the future for wildlife across our region.



With your help we can continue to protect and restore grassland meadows throughout Avon. These essential habitats currently exist like islands in the landscape, trapping wildlife and reducing its ability to move and thrive. Our B-Lines project is working to create corridors of healthy habitats across the landscape throughout our region.

Through B-Lines we work with farmers and landowners, giving them support and advice to help them manage their land to ensure wildlife can flourish. In this way, and in tandem with our nature reserves, we are creating corridors for wildlife across the West of England, joining up the isolated islands to provide healthy habitats for our insects, birds and mammals.

Together, we can provide a future for nature on a grand scale. But we need your help. Please make a gift today to help protect wildlife for the future across our region.


Image credits: Green winged butterfly - Paul Hobson; Graphic images - top, Jon Hawkins; centre, Vicky Nall; bottom, James Beck.