General Election Results 2017 - We need a strong voice for local wildlife

Friday 9th June 2017

With the surprising results of the General Election 2017 now in, Avon Wildlife Trust would like to extend its congratulations to the elected MP’s across the West of England. We look forward to working together and to helping you understand the issues facing nature and wildlife for our region.

Here in the West of England we benefit from a wealth of rare and threatened habitats that provide havens for wildlife and promote biodiversity. Across the region, Avon Wildlife Trust is custodian to ancient woodlands, wetlands, rare limestone grasslands and almost extinct limestone heathland where 70% of the UK’s resident butterfly species have been recorded. This is significant when 70% of all UK butterfly species are now in serious decline.

These carefully managed and protected habitats provide the foundation of our local ecosystems and ensure pockets where our pollinators, birds, amphibians, reptiles and mammals can thrive. In turn our human community enjoys the benefits of a healthy natural environment.

But a future that is filled with thriving local ecosystems is not something we can rely upon. The wildlife that we love is in serious decline. And humans are suffering from increasingly poor mental and physical health as a result. With Brexit imminent, we face losing 6,000 laws currently protecting the health of our landscapes, rivers, sea and air. We must ensure that the value of our natural world is understood by our local MP’s, and that they are enabled to represent the essential value of nature to central Government.

For Avon Wildlife Trust’s 19,000 members and volunteers it is more important than ever that we are working together to give wildlife a voice. It is vital that we ensure our MP’s understand why nature must be central to decisions being made about the future of our region.

What you can do

  1. Write to your MP. Congratulate them on their win, and tell them you are concerned about the future for nature and wildlife in your region. Tell them about Avon Wildlife Trust and ask them to sign up to the Greener UK pledge, which sets out three key asks for Government to help secure a healthy future for nature and wildlife in the UK.

  2. Do something to help protect and restore nature near you. Plant wildflowers for pollinators, make a pond, create a hedgehog highway or volunteer for nature.

  3. Join Avon Wildlife Trust and support us to build a relationship with your MP. By helping MP’s to understand how a healthy natural world provides benefits for society and the economy, we can help keep nature front of mind and encourage more people to take care of it for the future.  

The Wildlife Trusts believe that people are part of nature; everything we value ultimately comes from it and everything we do has an impact on it. We believe that each year, there should be more wildlife and more wild places, and people should become closer to nature.

What Avon Wildlife Trust will do

  1. Write to all elected MP’s in the West of England and invite them to meet our team, to join us for a guided walk on a nature reserve, and brief them about the key threats to nature and local wildlife.

  2. Urge MP’s to sign up to the Greener UK pledge.

  3. Brief MP’s on the Great Repeal Bill and the specific concerns held by the Wildlife Trusts about how Brexit will affect wildlife legislation in the UK.