Wild Pool Party

Thursday 17th March 2016

This week, Bristol South Swimming Pool in Bedminster received a wildlife makeover from Avon Wildlife Trust’s My Wild City team.

Twenty volunteers from local law firm Burges Salmon created a series of innovative structures to transform the concreate area outside Bristol South Swimming Pool into a buzzing green space for both wildlife and the community to enjoy.

Multifunctional new features have been created, including a flower bed bench and bike-rack planter. Just minutes after putting the final touches to the bike-rack planter a family cycled up asking if they could use it, to the delight of the volunteers.

One of the Burges Salmon volunteers, Olivia Young commented, “It’s just so great to do something practical outdoors, as we are all usually sat indoors at our desk all day.”

Local resident Helen Hawthorn and her young son Amos stopped to watch the team at work. She said “That space was always so barren before, it’ll be much nicer to visit now.”

Matt Collis, My Wild City Officer for Avon Wildlife Trust explained “This is an ideal example of how even a concreate space can be transformed for wildlife. We’re greening up the grey!”











The pool is part of a network of projects in the area named ‘My Wild Bedminster’. Local residents, schools and businesses are working together to create a nature-rich neighbourhood within the areas of Bedminster and Southville.

My Wild City have been collaborating with the Greater Bedminster Neighbourhood Partnership and you can see one of the fruits of their labour just across the road from the pool, where a small orchard has sprung up out of a rough area of ground. Next, the team will start work with nearby Holy Cross Primary School to help transform their school playground for nature.

Friends of Dame Emily Park are also putting pens to paper to map out wildlife habitats to enhance this popular park. They have ideas for a new hedgerow and wildlife garden.

The My Wild City project is moving through Bristol, leaving trail of wildlife-friendly spaces in its wake. Follow the progress on Twitter using #MyWildCity and share your own actions for nature.