Hedgehogs are a classroom favourite in Bristol schools

Tuesday 17th May 2016

Pupils from Holy Cross Primary School meet a rescue hedgehogPupils from Holy Cross Primary School meet a rescue hedgehog

Avon Wildlife Trust are working in eight Bristol Primary Schools to engage pupils in the plight of the hedgehog. Sadly, the hedgehog is in rapid decline, with over 95% of the population lost since the 1950s. However, there are small changes we can make to give them a helping hand…

Through our hedgehog education project, kindly supported by Western Power Distribution, we have been running workshops so that children can learn about our spikey friends and subsequently, make changes to their school grounds to create habitats to keep our hedgehogs happy!

The project is part of Avon wildlife Trust’s My Wild City project, working towards a vision of turning Bristol into a nature-rich city. People have been reporting their hedgehog sightings to us and we have been visiting schools in known ‘hedgehog hotspots’. A huge thank you to everyone who have submitted their hedgehog sightings!

So far, we have already engaged over 1,600 children in the project. The children have learnt all about hedgehogs; including what they like to eat, how they move around our city, that they are (surprisingly) good swimmers and most importantly how we can help them.

The children joined in with interactive games and activities before heading outside to build a combined hedgehog home and a minibeast hotel to help the wildlife in their school grounds.

One teacher commented “the assembly was a “WOW” moment for the day and has inspired non-fiction reading and writing at home” and another said “we really enjoyed it – thank you for coming to work with us”. 

Above: Pupils from Holy Cross Primary School meet a rescue hedgehog

Right: Pupils from St. Bonaventures Catholic Primary School with their newly created hedgehog home



Thank you to all the schools that have welcomed us and a big thank you to Western Power Distribution for supporting this education project.

Why not see what you can do to help our hedgehogs? 

Report your sightings to us and join our Bristol Hedgehogs Conservation Group. You can also watch our video on tips for how to improve your garden for hedgehogs.