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Celebrating Midwinter ... And Avoiding the Seasonal Rush

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Posted: Thursday 23rd November 2017 by WildBlog

By Naomi Fuller, Communications Manager

As the Christmas music follows us around the shops, and garlands of plastic tinsel and garish decorations seem to be everywhere we look, things often feel rather overwhelming at this time of year. Decorating, present-buying and enjoying the sounds and treats of this season can be fun when we have the time to enjoy the process, but all too often we feel that sense of rising panic at the long list of things to be done before the celebrating can begin.

And in all the rushing around we find ourselves accidentally losing our nature habit. Even people who usually spend time outdoors each day noticing bird song, the leaf colour of trees and enjoying connecting with nature, can easily lose those moments in the darker, busier days of November and December. More time in shops, work Christmas parties, indoors writing cards, wrapping presents and baking mean we can end up in a sort of indoor hibernation and not feel the benefits of our normal regular dose of nature.

In the parks, green spaces and nature reserves around us, animals are scurrying around with their own winter ‘to do’ lists, squirrels scampering feverishly from spot to spot burying nuts in the ground as stores to keep them fed over the next few months. And blackbirds, robins and thrushes are all perching on branches to eat the berries of rowan and holly gleaming red in the winter sunlight. It can be so rewarding just to sit and watch nature’s own midwinter preparations and even just a short lunch-hour or after school walk can provide an interesting contrast to human pre-Christmas activity.

At Avon Wildlife Trust, we’re getting ready for our Festive Fayre on 2nd and 3rd December where we’ll be celebrating the season with nature and wildlife firmly at the heart of the event. Our Fayre will be at Feed Bristol – our pioneering urban hub for nature and wildlife at Stapleton in north Bristol - and gives people of all ages a chance to enjoy being outdoors and connecting with the natural world.

Santa will be in a beautifully decorated ‘Nature Grotto’ with greenery and signs of woodland wildlife around him and his elves. When the children visit him, as well as telling him what they’re looking forward to this Christmas and receiving a lovely gift, they’ll hear from him about how animals are getting ready for midwinter and what signs to look out for when they are out for walks or outings over the holidays.

We’ll also be guiding people on how to make their own beautiful Christmas wreaths and pine cone decorations to enjoy some time to create something homemade in a relaxing and fun session. With mulled cider, soup and mince pies and cakes on offer all day, as well as some wonderful stalls selling gifts, our Festive Fayre is the perfect way to resolve the stress and frenzy of crowded shops and endless lists of tasks.

Do join us at our Festive Fayre - there is more information about the event here. And you can book a a slot for your child to see Santa here

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